The Case for Certification - Compliance

On the one hand, some organisations see the benefit of being able to prove to customers, shareholders, financial institutions and regulatory bodies that they are demonstrably following asset management best practices. These organisations see the benefit of certification as providing a clear indication to internal and external stakeholders of their performance against their other business objectives.

In many cases, the decision to go for certification of their asset management system is in response to an operational incident or as part of a bid to secure rate increases or capital injections. In these circumstances, compliance balances the commitment and cost of certification and annual audits against the benefit of being able to show its operations, maintenance, investment planning, training and risk management approach are comparable to many of the world's best management systems.

The Directors of Alpha have a successful track record of providing a wide range of services to hundreds of client organisations. Between them, the three Directors have over seventy five years experience in establishing, implementing, maintaining and auditing management systems for client organisations within Australia and in 2015 have provided guidance to one of the first organisations within Australia to achieve ISO 55001 certification.

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