If you are unsure of how close your organisation is to complying with ISO 55001 certification, Alpha Asset Management Systems can come and conduct a gap analysis and supply you with a comprehensive report that details any gaps that may exist between your asset management systems and the requirements of ISO 55001.




Many organizations would occasionally like to discuss certain matters with an industry expert, whether it is for guidance, a second opinion or just to “bounce ideas around”.  When those matters relate to Asset Management Systems and ISO 55001certification, Alpha can help.


We can provide you with a “casual” consulting service that enables you to consult with industry experts when you like by simply picking up the telephone and making a booking.


Alpha Asset Management Systems has trained and qualified auditors who are available to conduct internal audits and supplier audits on behalf of clients. Many of our clients find it more productive to engage us to conduct audits on their behalf and find that the effectiveness of our audits is greater than when their own employees conduct the audits. The reasons for this are simple:-


- We have conducted many hundreds of audits between us, so we have far more experience in auditing than most clients employees would have.


- Through our experience we can quickly recognise what is important and what could go wrong, we then focus more on those aspects when conducting audits.


- When we conduct an audit we have only one priority: to conduct the most effective audit in the time allowed.


We are not compromised by conflicting priorities such as insufficient time available or not wanting to cause problems for work colleagues by highlighting potential discrepancies.


We do not conduct audits as contractors on behalf of any of the certification bodies.  We believe this helps us to remain unbiased and uncompromised when representing our clients in their dealings with their certification body.


We can deliver asset management system training to your people at a time and location that suits your organisations needs. We can develop training materials to suit your needs or we can customise our “standard” training modules so that it is totally relevant to your organisation and takes into account the existing skill and knowledge level of participants. We can also provide you with a simple easy to manage database that can be used to make it easy for you to identify, plan, coordinate and record the training requirements for all of the individuals within your organisation.


At Alpha Asset Management Systems we help organisations to develop, implement, maintain and improve asset management systems that are:-


- Relevant to the organisation

- Easy to understand and comply with

- Value adding

- Suitable to be used as a basis for training new staff


In addition, we will ensure that ISO 55001 certification is achieved.


These systems can be developed as a stand-alone system or can be integrated with other management systems such as quality, health, safety and environment.


It is through the methodology that we follow and the expertise of our people, that we are able to ensure that clients achieve real benefits and value from their asset management systems as well as ISO 55001 certification.


An increasing number of organisations are realising that they could benefit from having access to professional expertise that they can rely on to provide regular system management and coordination services - rather like having a high level Asset Management Systems professional that works for the organisation on a part-time basis.


Relatively few organisations neither need nor can afford to have a full time high calibre Asset Management Systems coordinator. Generally organisations “tag on” the role of Asset Management Systems coordinator to the role of an existing staff member, however this invariably results in:-


- Incurring additional expenses to train a staff member.


- Inadequate time available for the staff member to effectively fulfil both roles.


- The role of Asset Management Systems coordinator not being effectively undertaken because the person filling the role either does not have the necessary ISO 55001 certification expertise or is simply not fully committed.


- Breakdowns in the system when the staff member responsible leaves the organisation.


We at Alpha can take on the role of Asset Management Systems coordinator for you on a part-time basis. This will provide you with the following benefits:-


- Access to high calibre management system expertise

- Continuity of system management

- Improved profitability via effective system management

- Reduced system management costs

- Long term stability

- Peace of mind


We are providing this service for an increasing number of organisations, many of whom only require between one to four days assistance of our time per month to maintain their Asset Management Systems at a high level.