We are here to assist organizations

to achieve real benefits through the development, implementation and continual improvement of their

Asset Management Systems

The introduction in 2014 of ISO 55001 certification (the international standard for asset management systems, intended to ensure that owners and other stakeholders derive maximum benefits from an asset) has created a significant demand for organizations to establish, implement and maintain asset management systems that comply with the requirements of ISO 55001.


Alpha Asset Management Systems exists to provide competent and professional assistance and guidance to organizations that need help establishing, implementing and maintaining asset management systems in accordance with ISO 55001. We understand ISO 55001 certification, we understand asset management and we understand management systems! There are engineers who are skilled in asset management and there are professionals that are skilled in management systems, but there are very few engineering professionals that are skilled in BOTH asset management AND management systems.


Alpha Asset Management Systems was formed by three experienced management system professionals, each with engineering backgrounds, to provide consulting, training and auditing services to organizations in relation to their asset management system requirements.


Between them, the three Directors have over seventy five years experience in establishing, implementing, maintaining and auditing management systems for client organizations within Australia and in 2015 have provided guidance to one of the first organizations within Australia to achieve ISO 55001 certification.


We are here to help organizations achieve real benefits through the development, implementation and continual improvement of their asset management systems AND to guide organizations through the ISO 55001 certification process.


Alpha Asset Management Systems provides organizations with a wide range of services. To find out more about us and how we can help you, please explore this website and feel free to contact us to discover how we can help you to achieve value and success from your assets and asset management systems.